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12 May 2021


14:30 - 17:30

€615 million for Quantum. Proposed, Approved, Action!

It was exciting to learn that €615 million is awarded to Quantum Delta NL to accelerate Quantum Technology with the proposal is fully accepted.

But what will they do with this money? What is the plan?

Important questions arise when you have €615 million. What would you develop? Who do you want to be involved with? Where would you go?

Listen to distinguished Quantum experts about the plans of Quantum Delta NL for the coming 7 years in the fields of Quantum sensing, Quantum computing and Quantum Internet. The plans have been made, the budget is approved, next up is ACTION!

The 615 million question will also be answered by speakers who are not involved in the Quantum Delta NL plans. So what would they do? Are they going to join the race towards a 4000 qubit quantum computer or are they going to disrupt the World with something else? Without boundaries, without limitations and with full control.

Quantum.Amsterdam presents Florian Schreck, Jaya Baloo, Harry Buhrman and Gilles Brassard on this elusive topic where you will get the chance to not only listen, but also to interact with these distinguished experts.

May 12th 2021, 3 hours about the future of Quantum, sometimes something comes along that you simply cannot resist. Sign up on our Meetup event to participate!

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