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21 Jan 2021


16:00 - 17:00

Public Meetup: Introduction of Quantum Hardware & Software

Difficulty: No prior knowledge required.

Quantum.Amsterdam hosts free and publicly available Meetups once every two months. This January, we kick off with an introduction to the Quantum Computer: what does its hardware look like, and why is it so challenging to build? What can you do with a quantum computer, and how would you program such a machine? To dive into these questions, we invite two renowned experts:

– Stacey Jeffery, senior researcher at QuSoft, expert on quantum algorithms and cryptography and founder of Women in Quantum Development

– Richard Versluis, engineering lead of the quantum computing division at QuTech, and system architect of Quantum Inspire, a platform that allows easy access to quantum computers over the internet. 

This event is held in English is online, the public link to the video conference will appear a week before the event.

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