Public Meetup March DEF


18 Mar 2021


16:00 - 17:00

Public Meetup: Quantum Startups in and around the Netherlands

Quantum.Amsterdam hosts free and publicly available Meetups once every two months.

The March edition will be dedicated to startups, the pioneering companies who are building the tools for future quantum computation and communication. We’re inviting three experts working at a startup company to talk about their business:

– Joel Klassen, Quantum Software Researcher at Phasecraft. This startup is based in London and Bristol, and focuses on solving difficult optimization and chemistry problems.
– Amber Van Hauwermeiren, Business Developer at Orange QS. This Delft-based startup is specialized in ‘integrating’ the various parts of a quantum computer.
– Jelmer Renema, CTO of Quix, based Enschede. Quix works on quantum computer processors based on photons (particles of light).

If you want to register, click here. This event is held in *English* and is online over *Zoom*. Difficulty: No prior knowledge required.

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