Prepare yourself and your company
for the new era of quantum technology

Quantum.Amsterdam wants to prepare companies for the quantum age by raising the knowledge and awareness about this fascinating technology and by helping to identify and validate high-impact use cases. The impact of quantum computers can be immense. Although usable full-scale quantum computers are years away, it makes sense to start preparing now for this era. It will take several years to create a sufficient workforce with the right knowledge to deal with this new technology.

Therefore the hub organises workshops to prepare a broad audience for the opportunities and threats that quantum technology brings to businesses and organisations.

Additionally, Quantum.Amsterdam also organises public and business meet-ups to bring together the quantum community in  and around Amsterdam. These meetups are great opportunities for networking and to talk to experts in the field of quantum technology. Together you can explore what quantum can do for your business.

“Quantum computing has a massive business potential and comes with security threats. On the other hand, the field is somewhat hyped, and many myths exist about quantum technology. With workshops and meet-ups we hope to contribute to training a workforce that can seize the quantum revolution to the advantage of their organisations.”


Quantum.Amsterdam Knowledge Partners

General Awareness Quantum Computing

The new monthly workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing addresses the need for companies to explore and develop quantum software and new applications. To create an education and awareness program The Dutch Payments Association, the Dutch Banking Association and the three major Dutch banks ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank asked QuSoft and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) for collaboration, within the Quantum.Amsterdam innovation hub.



Quantum.Amsterdam Knowledge Partners

Public meet-ups

Quantum.Amsterdam hosts various events to bring together the quantum community around Amsterdam. Q.A Public Meet-ups are laid back, informative sessions where we discuss quantum technologies at broad, ranging all across the spectrum of quantum technology.  

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Business meet-ups

Q.A Business Meet-ups are a meeting place for companies interested in quantum technology, and a great place to make new connections, to stay up to date about recent developments, and to collaborate on challenging problems.

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What can Q.A do for your business?

Quantum.Amsterdam turns early ideas towards concrete projects with clear deliverables and with the right partners. To work together and build an innovative roadmap for quantum software and applications, we encourage you to open the conversation with us. This is the starting point where you can prepare your company for future quantum technologies.

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