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Once every two months, alternating with public meetups.

Q.A Business Meetups are a meeting place for companies interested in quantum technology, and a great place to make new connections, to stay up to date about recent developments, and to collaborate on challenging problems. Each session focuses on a specific business-oriented topic to be discussed, with input from experts in that field. During Q1-Q2 2021, these meetings take place online. In the future, we aim to rotate the location between the various science partners and businesses involved in Q.A. 

The business meetups are not publicly available. We value a safe environment for discussions, with a select and knowledgeable audience. For this reason, we do not record Business Meetups. To apply for access, please send a short (~100 words) description of your business and it’s current/planned quantum activities to info@quantum.amsterdam



Past and upcoming events

17 June 2021, 15:30 – 17:00

Location: MS Teams(by invitation only)

Agenda to be determined.


22 April 2021, 15:30 – 17:00

Location: MS Teams (by invitation only)

During the upcoming session on 22 April, 15:30-17:00, we will hear from Julian van Velzen (Capgemini) about the latest trends he spotted in the field of quantum technology. Moreover, Koen Groenland (QuSoft) and Cor van der Struijf (IBM) will discuss the current state of quantum hardware, and what we can already do with it. As always, there will be plenty of room for further discussion.
  • 15:30: Welcome
  • Julian van Velzen (Capgemini), What’s going on in the field?
  • Cor van der Struijf (IBM) + Koen Groenland (QuSoft): What quantum hardware is currently available, and what can we do with it?
  • Room for discussion
  • 17:00: Closing

18 February 2021, 15:30 – 17:00

Location: MS Teams (by invitation only)

Guest speakers:

Dr. ir. Julia Cramer, assistant professor Quantum & Society, Leiden University. 

Title: ‘How to talk about quantum?’ 

Quantum technology is promised to be societally disruptive in the coming years. What does this mean and how should we act to prepare society, industry and policy to become quantum ready? In this session I will discuss the tension between the need for clear answers versus uncertainties in science. 


Prof. dr. Marc Salomon, Dean of the Amsterdam Business School (ABS), Professor in Decision Science 

Marc will share lessons from the AI ecosystem: based on his experience with Amsterdam Data Science and the ICAI labs, he outlines the impact that such initiatives have on the adoption of AI. We will debate to what extend a similar approach will work for quantum technology. 

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