Public Meetups

Q.A Public Meetups are laid-back, informative sessions where we discuss quantum technologies at broad, ranging all across the spectrum from quantum computer hardware and software, high-precision measurement, quantum internet, security and cryptography, to the fundamental properties of nature. For now, these events are hosted online. Each session has a specific focus, where we dive deeper into a specific topic  with the aid of an established scientist or professional in the field. These webinars are free to watch online, and are announced on our Meetup.com page. For those who don’t like to use Meetup, we offer a mailing list (coming January 2020).

Accessible talks by established researchers and businesses

Free online stream

Once every two months, on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Meetups

Business and Society Day

During QuSoft’s one-month lustrum event collaborations between science and business are presented. Quantum.Amsterdam is featured and speakers will elaborate on subjects like security, finance and operations research. They will elaborate on what quantum research can do for your (quantum) business. This will all be presented in the bigger national picture concerning Quantum Delta NL. This day is a great meet-up to get to know the ecosystem of quantum technology.


Introduction of Quantum Hardware & Software

 This January, we kick off with an introduction to the Quantum Computer: what does its hardware look like, and why is it so challenging to build? What can you do with a quantum computer, and how would you program such a machine? For this meet-up Introduction of Quantum, Hardware & Software no prior knowledge is needed 

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What can Q.A do for your business?

Quantum.Amsterdam turns early ideas towards concrete projects with clear deliverables and with the right partners. To work together and build an innovative roadmap for quantum software and applications, we encourage you to open the conversation with us. This is the starting point where you can prepare your company for future quantum technologies.

In which value propositions are you interested in?