About Q.A

In 2020, Quantum.Amsterdam has established itself as a new major innovation hub for the quantum software, technology and applications.

The main purpose of the hub is to boost the innovation and economic development of quantum technology by building a strong quantum ecosystem and organizing intense collaborations in key areas between leading knowledge partners, technology companies, and an industry network that has a strong interest in exploring and developing new business applications.

The initial focus areas of Quantum.Amsterdam are finance, quantum chemistry & materials, operations research, and security. For these areas, the hub will facilitate and support a range of collaborative research projects between our scientific partners and major international companies to increasingly become a source of new technology and know-how. Quantum.Amsterdam will provide access to powerful research facilities, infrastructure, and tooling. And it will act as a hotspot for talent, create high-potential startups, and train, educate, and inspire a growing quantum community.

Our vision

Amsterdam and the Netherlands are at the forefront of quantum technology development. 
Scientists, entrepreneurs, businesses, students, and organizations have the best possible opportunities to collaborate, learn, and benefit from each other.

Our mission

\We shape Amsterdam’s quantum community as a leading ecosystem by facilitating knowledge exchange, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Our core values

Quality: We follow the high standards of world-leading research groups for research, teaching, and outreach. Our unique selling point is expertise in quantum technology, based on decades of research and development. We distinguish ourselves from those who are relatively new to the field.

Realism: Our communication is trustworthy, unbiased, and realistic.
There is a large amount of hype in the field. We do not readily follow bold claims, but carefully assess them, following the consensus of scientists and other experts.  

Our foundation

QuSoft is the Dutch research center for quantum software and applications. Its research started about 20 years ago, and today QuSoft is a leading research center in its field. Moreover, it is the cornerstone of the Quantum.Amsterdam hub.

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) is the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands and part of NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO. The institute pioneered research in quantum algorithms since the mid 1990’s. CWI strongly contributes to Q.A. in this field through the Algorithms & Complexity research group (now part of QuSoft).

University of Amsterdam (UvA) hosts strong quantum physics and computer science research groups. Also, in addition to committed research groups, the university will invest in Quantum.Amsterdam and provide working space in which the scientists, engineers, and companies will work, meet, and cooperate.

Quantum Delta NL is a nationwide program which will be launched in 2021 to stimulate quantum innovation and economic development. Building on Dutch strengths in this field, it aims to enhance its position as the leading region in the EU for quantum technology. Quantum.Amsterdam is part of Quantum Delta NL, and in that capacity the hub will be tasked with developing quantum software and applications.

Our community

Several quantum-focused organisations call Amsterdam their home, ranging from world-class knowledge institutes to disruptive startups. Most of them cluster around Amsterdam Science Park, a hub for high-tech research and development. We welcome others to come and work at Science Park to benefit from our knowledgeable community!

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What can Q.A do for you?

Quantum.Amsterdam turns early ideas into concrete projects with clear deliverables and with the right partners. We encourage you to engage in a dialogue with us to establish a partnership and start building an innovative roadmap for quantum software and applications. This is the starting point for preparing your company for future quantum technologies.

In which value propositions are you interested in?