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Media by Michiel Witlox

The Quantum.Amsterdam Experience is a captivating introduction to the world of Quantum Technology. How can quantum particles be in two states ‘at the same time’? What is the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat? And how do you program a quantum computer? 

During a guided tour, you will discover how quantum computers will impact our world, see a real-world quantum chip, and play several games that bring quantum to your fingertips!

The Experience is a mini-museum filled with exciting activities suitable for anyone over 12 years old. The guides are quantum experts from one of Amsterdam’s knowledge institutes. They are ready for all questions and discussions and will tweak the tour’s content depending on the visitors’ backgrounds. 


Who should visit?

The Experience is open to a broad audience. Whether you’re a high school student, academic researcher, IT professional, journalist, manager, or innovation scout, you are ready to enter the wondrous world of quantum technology – no prior knowledge is required. For example, the Experience is an excellent choice for:

  • High school trips
  • Part of a corporate retreat program
  • Team outings
  • Student society trips

The Q.A Experience can be found at the heart of Startup Village, located in the bustling Amsterdam Science Park innovation area. It is easily accessible by public transport. Parking is available, but only for regular Amsterdam prices. For navigation, please use:

   Science Park 608
   1098 XH Amsterdam


Book your tour!

📅  Visits are possible by appointment only. 

🕑    A full tour takes around 45 minutes. Short versions from ~15 minutes are also possible. 

👪   Between 5-14 persons can take a tour at once. If your group is larger, we recommend splitting the group. 

💶   Costs: €125 per visit.

🎤  Hosting an event nearby? Open the doors of the Experience for your visitors. We charge €125 per hour for our guide. 


Drop us a line!

Ready to book a tour? Please tell us about your group and your prefered timing.
We are also open for feedback, suggestions and other questions!

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Giada La Gala

Science Communication Officer