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Quantum.Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch research center for quantum software QuSoft, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and the University of Amsterdam. The hub’s mission is to connect academia, industry and society by facilitating knowledge exchanges and innovation. It is one of the five official hubs of Quantum Delta NL. 

We welcome you to join our thriving ecosystem! Join our activities and events, deepen your knowledge through workshops and trainings, and kickstart your quantum journey by working together with our knowledge partners. 


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Bring the ecosystem together

Connect to the community of researchers, entrepreneurs, students and workforce.


R&D collaborations

Gateway to public-private partnerships with world-leading quantum researchers. 


Education & inspiration

We offer our own workshops & trainings, and connect to the brightest students at universities. 

Our knowledge partners

Collaboration examples



Since October 2019, QuSoft and ABN AMRO have been working together on the DisQover project. Future quantum computers may be highly suitable tools for processing and monitoring financial transaction data. In this collaboration, both parties are exploring the potential of quantum computers in finance.



Bosch and QuSoft have joined forces to examine how quantum computing could benefit this multinational. Lines of research include quantum computing’s potential applications in design processes and artificial intelligence, as well as the technology’s capacity to speed up optimization processes.

What can Q.A do for your business?

Quantum.Amsterdam turns early ideas into concrete projects with clear deliverables and with the right partners. We encourage you to engage in a dialogue with us to establish a partnership and start building an innovative roadmap for quantum software and applications. This is the starting point for preparing your company for future quantum technologies.

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