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“to make Quantum in education commonplace”

Welcome to the Quantum TLC Amsterdam!

Mission & Vision

The TLC aims to offer a comprehensive range of education developments related to quantum technology within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, aligned and coordinated with the developments within the quantum ecosystem. Our mission is to increase the number of students in quantum technology, and our vision is to ensure alignment and integration.

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French President Emmanuele Macron & King Willem-Alexander visiting Florian Schreck, one of the key researchers at the University of Amsterdam and an affiliate to the Quantum TLC in Amsterdam.

Origin & Organisational Positioning

QTLC Amsterdam is part of the executive approach of the Quantum DELTA Netherlands initiative. 

Organisationally, QTLC-A is part of the HvA. Most of the focus projects of TLC Amsterdam in 2023 are directly linked to the student population at the HvA, due to our vicinity to this target group. 



The Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam (TLC-A) focusses on quantum technology education in the Amsterdam region.

TLC-A helps everybody who is interested in education in the domain of quantum technology by making clear what workshops, courses, events, programs and meetups are offered. QTLC-A helps educational developers to extend or improve their offering or even initiates specific workshops or training.


Upcoming & Past Events

Colloquium Series: Quantum Talks

In June 2023 the Quantum TLC Amsterdam hosted its first of a series of “Quantum Talks”, small-scale lectures that aim to address different subfields of quantum in an accessible manner. This edition of the QTalks was hosted by Prof Dr Christian Schaffner. He discussed the promising possibilities and daunting threats of quantum-secure cryptography in his talk. You can find a recording of the talk by clicking the red button on the right.

CHristian Qtalks

Snippets from the Quantum Talks: Quantum-Secure Cryptography talk. 12 June 2023.

Quantum Summer School

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The Applied Quantum Computing summer course offers several perspectives on quantum computing. Students will receive an introduction to understanding and developing applications for this far-sighted and rapidly developing topic.

The course includes a one-day excursion to leading innovation hubs Quantum Delft, Nikhef, QuSoft and The Quantum Experience Amsterdam.

Upcoming: National Launch Quantum TLC Netherlands

Coming Fall, the TLC hubs in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Delft/Leiden, Twente and Eindhoven), will celebrate quantum developments in education – stay tuned for more!

Why? – To make quantum in education across regional hubs commonplace.

How? – by creating a collective coordinated memory as TLCs, showing the importance of a national education ecosystem.

What? – a grand national opening in Amsterdam featuring guest speakers and an official opening of TLC NL, followed by (celebratory) Quantum events in each local hub.

For more information, contact:

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TLC Amsterdam - Running Projects



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About Us

Quantum Delta Netherlands, enacted by the Nationaal Groeifonds in 2021, was tasked to build the Netherlands’ quantum ecosystem. One of its focus areas is to create an education environment in the Netherlands that trains top talent in quantum technology by focussing on:

  • Strengthening the existing university knowledge base 
  • Connecting university education (WO) with higher professional (HBO) and vocational (MBO) education 
  • Lowering boundaries to access technology and facilities within the ecosystem 
  • Creating additional opportunities for top talent researchers, students and professors 
  • Cultivating interest in quantum among the youngest generation of students 

To ensure success in these subfields, four “Talent & Learning Centers” were called to action — QTLC-A is one of these! 

The Quantum Talent & Learning Center (QTLC) Amsterdam is an educational hub that connects all developments related to quantum technology with education, in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and Quantum.Amsterdam (Q.A). The TLC focuses on creating added value through collaboration between different types of education, connecting quantum technology with higher education (universities), vocational education, secondary education, and primary education. Furthermore, the TLC aims to connect and improve quantum technology education with the goal of increasing the number of students in quantum technology in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (MRA). Lastly, the TLC frequently exchanges knowledge and expertise with the three TLCs in the other focus regions in Twente, Eindhoven and Delft/Leiden. 

National Education Partnership: TLC Hubs Netherlands

At every Quantum specialist innovation hub in the Netherlands there is a TLC. Contact the TLC in a region to get more information on general or very specific workshops, multi-day courses or even complete programs, and get an answer to your educational question.







Delft /Leiden


The Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam is supported by Quantum Delta Netherlands (QDNL).