Talent and Learning Centre

The Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam (QTLC-A) focusses on quantum technology education in the Amsterdam region.

QTLC-A helps everybody who is interested in education in the domain of quantum technology by making clear what workshops, courses, events, programs and meetups are offered. QTLC-A helps educational developers to extend or improve their offering or even initiates specific workshops or training.


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For Students

The QTLC-A offers assistance for students, in finding the right education during each stage of their development in Quantum technology skills.  


For Companies

The QTLC-A offers assistance for companies to find training, workshops or other programs for their employees who want to get acquainted with quantum technology or have determined that there are opportunities for them here.

National education partnership

Quantum.Amsterdam Knowledge Partners

At every Quantum specialist innovation hub in the Netherlands there is a QTLC. Contact the QTLC in a region to get more information on general or very specific workshops, multi-day courses or even complete programs, and get an answer to your educational question.

The Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam is funded by Quantum Delta Netherlands. (QDNL)