Quantum activities at Amsterdam Science Park

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QuSoft is the research center for quantum software, one of the world’s largest academic group that focuses on the theory of quantum computing. 

The Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam has over 6500 students and 1700 staff members.

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica is the national research center for mathematics and computer science, and is famous for the creation programming language Python. 

SURF is the collaborative organisation for IT in Dutch education and research. They offer high-performance computing (HPC) nodes and offer access to quantum services over the cloud. 

AMOLF is a national institute that performs leading fundamental research on the physics of complex forms of matter, and to create new functional materials, in partnership with academia and industry.

The Netherlands eScience Center
offers grants and expertise in IT and software development for research organisations. 

QuiX is a startup that develops photonic quantum computers. They have a product line of plug-and-play photonic processors and sold a universal computer to the german DLR.

The Quantum Application Lab seeks collaborations with end-users to explore the advantages and business opportunities for quantum computing

The Quantum Gateway Foundation was awarded the Quantum Delta Field Lab to open an online platform to test quantum-safe security.

offers an integrated cloud services with modular design tools that enable customers to perform molecular design and computations in a modular fashion

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments
builds high-effiency photodetectors for trapped ion and ultracold atom quantum computers. 

Fermioinq offers a SaaS platform that excels in emulating large quantum circuits. It allows designing and testing quantum algorithms at scale. 


Various startups in stealth mode work at Amsterdam Science Park. Check this page at a later time to see who have sprouted!

At nearby locations:

Pasqal is a company building programmable quantum simulators and quantum computers made of 2D and 3D arrays of neutral atoms. They recently merged with Amsterdam-based quantum software startup Qu&Co.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: HvA) offers a summer school, a minor in Applied Quantum Computing, and soon a professional Master’s degree.

Artificial Brain develops quantum software for complex optimization problems, targeting various industries including Space, Energy, and Finance.

The Free University of Amsterdam is a public research university, with notable groups on computational quantum chemistry and on laser physics, among many others. 

Also see:

The National Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) has several public-private partnership labs, with a mission to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and talent development in AI.

WIQD (pronounced “wicked”) is a professional network for quantum technology enthusiasts from industry, academia and policy. They to bring together women in quantum in the Netherlands for support, networking, and community growth.

Quantum Delta NL was awarded 615M to grow the Netherland’s quantum ecosystem. Amsterdam is one of the five local hubs, together with Leiden, Delft, Eindhoven and Twente.

ACE is a startup incubator that runs programs to promote entrepreneurship and to support early-stage startups.