Q.A is a place to meetup for you and your business

Quantum.Amsterdam hosts free and publicly available Meetups several times per year. During the meetups, we interview pioneers from the field of Quantum Technology in a live session, and allow the audience to ask questions and interact. The sessions are aimed at a broad audience: no deep prior knowledge of Quantum expected! 

Besides public meetups the hub also organises business meetups that are aimed at companies in a specific field with an interested in quantum. These business meetups respond to questions of the participating companies and speakers are invited who can answer these questions. Usually the business meetups are very small and at the invitation of Quantum.Amsterdam. 

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Q.A Meetups

What can Q.A do for your business?

Quantum.Amsterdam turns early ideas towards concrete projects with clear deliverables and with the right partners. To work together and build an innovative roadmap for quantum software and applications, we encourage you to open the conversation with us. This is the starting point where you can prepare your company for future quantum technologies.

In which value propositions are you interested in?