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As quantum computing develops rapidly, there is an increasing need for workforce who can understand and use quantum technology. Quantum.Amsterdam provides a broad palette of workshops and professional trainings, ranging from afternoon workshops to multi-day level deep dives. 

Workshop attendants give us feedback that workshop are not only fund and educational, but that the world of quantum is very inspiring and forces anyone to think in new and creative ways. 

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Workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing

The workshop ‘General Awareness Quantum Computing‘ is the perfect introduction to Quantum from a practical perspective. What opportunities do we foresee, and what are the risks to cybersecurity? And how long will it take before quantum computers will become available? After this 3-hour session, you will understand the essentials of currently available hardware, the most promising applications, and what concrete steps you can take today. No math involved, no prior knowledge needed! 

This program was co-developed with the major Dutch banks ING, ABN AMRO and Rabobank. However, it is not specifically aimed at financial instituations: we welcome anyone, rangng from journalists to IT staff, and from students to senior management. 

In-house workshop

General Awareness Quantum Computing
2500 Excl. VAT
  • Invite 15-25 participants from your organization
  • Choose your own preferred date
  • We tailor the content to your organization's perspective
  • Includes certification for everyone who passes the exam
  • Please book roughly 1.5 month in advance
    (earlier is always okay)

Masterclass: Introduction to Quantum Computing

The programme Introduction to Quantum Computing is a 2-day masterclass, aimed at senior management, entrepreneurs and IT staff. Throughout two afternoons, you will hear from the Netherlands’ most prominent scientists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs about their vision on quantum technology. After the masterclass, you will be well-equipped to make strategic decisions that will help you reap the  benefits of this technology and manage its risks. It also forms an excellent opportunity for networking. 

No prior knowledge of quantum technology is required. You also do not need any in-depth knowledge of mathematics or physics. The masterclass is particularly well-suited for those involved in organisations and departments that rely heavily on ICT processes and well-optimised business operations. Examples include logistics, security, data science, finance, consultancy, health, business analytics and fintech.

The next Masterclass will take place on 28 and 29 November, 2023. 

Programming and optimization


Today’s quantum computers are already accessible over the cloud, and can be simulated using a laptop or high-performance node. How does one program a quantum computer, and what makes it so powerful? 

For an audience of skilled software developers, data scientists, and others with sufficient programming background, we teach you how to program you first quantum circuit, and how to convert an optimization problem into a qauntum language

Please contact us at education@quantum.amsterdam for more information. 

Request a custom-made training programme

Looking to learn more about quantum technology during your own in-house training programme? Keen to learn about quantum in a fun way, with your whole department? 

We frequently organise professional trainings that target a specific company, department or audience. The duration can range anywhere between 1 hour to several days. We usually accept groups sizes between 5 and 50 people. Choose between using your own facilities, or visit us at the inspirational Startup Village (shown to the right). Startup Village is a great location to combine a quantum course with a wide range of team building activities. 

Example topics include:

  • Quantum algorithms
  • Impact on cybersecurity and cryptography
  • The math behind quantum computing
  • Optimization and machine learning
  • Quantum networks and the quantum internet
Please contact us at education@quantum.amsterdam for more information – we’ll get in touch to design a unique program together! 
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