Quantum Theme Semester

“Utilising the holistic analytical potential of students from different backgrounds in a Quantum-themed research project.”

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What do we do?

Introducing an optional module to work on a Quantum-related project for one semester together with students from other departments.

Why do we do it?

As part of the thematic semester on Quantum Technology in the HvA Bachelor’s program in Applied Physics, students will undertake a project in collaboration with students from other bachelor’s programs within the Faculty of Technology. This includes programs such as Biomedical Engineering, Forensic Investigation, Electrical Engineering, and more. Multiple projects will need to be developed for teams of three or four students. To develop and execute these projects, especially in the first year, a teacher/researcher will need to seek suitable assignments from scientific institutes and the business sector. Subsequently, these assignments will need to be tailored in a way that suits these students. These new projects will certainly require refining and intensive supervision in the first year.

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Our Current Partners

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  • Skander Jaïbi, HvA – s.jaibi@hva.nl
  • Yves Rezus, HvA – y.l.a.rezus@hva.nl