High School Program, HAVO (QTLC-A)

“Making Quantum in education commonplace by introducing Quantum Technology in secondary education.”

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What do we do?

We host Quantum-themed program days at Dutch HAVO schools to introduce students to Quantum Technology.

Why do we do it?

In collaboration with TU Delft and Leiden University (LLO), a school day will be developed for students in pre-university education (HAVO) to introduce them to Quantum Technology. These school days can take place at HvA (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) or at the students’ own high schools. During this day, students will be introduced to the history of Quantum Technology, practical aspects through a few simple experiments, societal implications of Quantum Technology, and opportunities to delve deeper into it (online or through an education program).

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• Parisa II Pourmirjafari – t.pourmirjafarifirozabadi@hva.nl
• Wouter Spaan – w.p.spaan@hva.nl