Quantum & Vocational Education (QTLC-A)

“Making Quantum in education commonplace by introducing Quantum Technology in vocational education.”

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What do we do?

We develop a course or theme day/program for students following vocational education to introduce Quantum Technology and excite students.

Why do we do it?

To create quantum computers, students from vocational education (mbo) are needed. An important goal of AL-3 is to involve not only universities, colleges, research centers, and startup companies, but also vocational education (mbo), and to further prepare them. The Leidse Instrumentmakers School (LiS) has been involved in one of the QDNL working groups for some time and will use the resources from the growth fund to take on a national and regional coordinating role within vocational education (mbo). The resources will be used to either investigate the qualifications that mbo students need to fulfill their required role or to establish collaboration and coordination with other vocational education institutions.

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Quantum TLC Coordinator: Inge Simon – i.simon@hva.nl