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24 - 25 Sep 2024


All Day

QuantERA Strategic Conference 2024

The QuantERA Strategic conference 2024 will take place in Amsterdam on September 24-25. This event aims to explore significant topics within the realm of quantum technologies, in alignment with QuantERA’s mission to foster innovative research and uphold scientific excellence. Discussions will centre on key topics including the commercialisation of quantum technologies, the ethical considerations and societal impacts of quantum advancements, and the essential role of women researchers in advancing the field.

The Conference will be hosted by Quantum Delta NL (QDNL). Sharing QuantERA’s mission and objectives, QDNL is dedicated to advancing the field of quantum technology through fostering collaboration and innovation within the quantum ecosystem, bringing together academia, industry, and government organisations, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating a thriving quantum industry.


  • QuantERA Project Coordinators
  • QuantERA Strategic Advisory Board
  • QuantERA Network of 41 Research Funding Organisations
  • QuantERA Project Reviewers
  • Representatives of:
    – European Commission
    – Quantum Flagship
    – Scientific Community
    – Industry Entities
  • and other distinguished guests


Projects presentations
To reflect on achievements, challenges, success stories, commercially relevant applications
All projects funded in Call 2019 – highlights of results (12)
All projects funded in Call 2021 – progress of the projects (39)

Poster session of the QuantERA Projects
All projects funded in Call 2023 – introduction and planned results (24)

Discussions and insights
Panel sessions, key-note speeches on pointful issues

Networking forum
Scientific transnational cooperation

For more information and registration, visit this link.