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Science Park 606, Amsterdam


10 Mar 2023


13:00 - 17:00

Quantum Software Forum

Quantum.Amsterdam collaborates with La French Tech as a partner in the set up for the Quantum Software Forum on March 10, an international event that brings together quantum communities from the Netherlands and France. This event will gather top quantum computing researchers, leading investors, startups and ecosystem builders, to share challenges and best practices in their areas of expertise.

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As an international collaboration that will shed light into the growing quantum communities in the Netherlands and France, this is an opportunity like no other to get to know about the most recent developments in both countries, through the presentations of Freeke Heijman, co-founder of Quantum Delta and Neil Abrough, Head of the French National Quantum Strategy.

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The event, to take place in Amsterdam on March 10th, will be an opportunity for networking between the quantum communities of France and the Netherlands and learn about the most important developments in quantum software, so as a space for open debate on the opportunities and challenges for quantum startups in Europe.

Some of the voices to be part of the agenda will be Harry Buhrman, co-founder of the European Quantum Software Institute (EQSI) and Group Leader at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Jean Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni, Principal of Quantonation,  the leading Venture Capital Fund in Quantum Technologies, and Iordanis Kerenedis, Research Director of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris.

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There will also be a chapter dedicated to cryptography on March 10, with the presence of Florent Grosmaitre, CEO of CryptoNext Security, a recognized leader in the post-quantum cryptography technology; Kevin Callaghan, CEO and co-founder of the startups Quantfi and Quantescence; and Antonio Andrea Gentile, senior developer from Pasqal, a successful Paris-based company that builds quantum computers.

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The Netherlands and France have invested in national initiatives to foster the development of quantum technology in recent years, with a sum of €615 millions in 2021 for the former and €1.8 billion for the latter, in 2020.

The event is finished.