What do companies get out of Quantum projects today?

The live stream took place on 16 September 2021. You can watch the recording below, but live features like polls and comments will not work. 

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On September 16, we focus on the various Quantum pilots that are being done by enterprises as we speak. What projects are being done right now? And can we already achieve useful results, even though large scale quantum technology is still far away?

To answer these questions, we’ll interview two experts with inside experience of quantum projects done at two very different corporations:

* Victoria Lipinska leads the Quantum activities at KPN. She is involved in various pioneering projects involving quantum communication and a quantum internet, such as the recent world-first demonstration of device-independent Quantum Key Distribution with QuTech and Cisco.

* Dimitri van Esch leads the Quantum programme at ABN AMRO. This bank was one of the first to explore the applications of Quantum Technology, in projects such as DisQover (with QuSoft). Now that the project is nearing its end, he can share what Quantum can do for applications like fraud detection and financial forecasting.


This event is held in *English*

Difficulty: A small amount of basic knowledge of quantum required.

After the event, you’re invited to a good old online ‘borrel’ with the speakers – a button that takes you to Wonder.Me will appear above!