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Find out how today's pioneers are shaping tomorrow

Quantum technology may sound daunting to some… yet the first startups are already working on a next revolution: faster computers, a more secure internet, and ultraprecise sensors. 

Quantum.Amsterdam, Startup Village and The Next Web bring you The Next Q, our intimate event where quantum enthusiast come together. We invite some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs to tell their story: What groundbreaking technology are they working on? How does their business fare in our quantum ecosystem? And what is their vision on our future? No prior knowledge of quantum required. 

It’s all free, but but we have a limited number of seats. Make sure you sign up for each individual part of the program trough Eventbrite (links below). 



What to expect?

  • Morning sessions with VIP workshops
  • Keynote lunch talk by Prof. Michele Mosca
  • Afternoon Meetup showcasing the hottest startups
  • Quantum TiqTaqToe tournament with fantastic prizes
  • Meet the quantum community!


: Wed 14 June, 2023

Location: Startup Village, Amsterdam


Morning: Satellite events

10:00 – 12:00 VIP Workshops (to be announced)


Lunch session:

12:00 – 13:15 Lunch lecture by Prof. Michele Mosca (University of Waterloo)

13:15 – 13:50 Open Quantum TiqTaqToe tournament

Afternoon: Meet the Quantum Startups:

13:30 – 14:00  Walk-in 

14:00 – 16:45  Presentation sessions

16:45 – late:    Networking drinks

Lunch lecture

Prof. Michele Mosca (University of Waterloo)


Prof. Mosca is one of the most influential individuals in the world of Quantum Technology. He is co-founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing and the prestigious Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. He is also the CEO of evolutionQ, a security company that addresses the threat of quantum computing, and author of the Quantum Threat Timeline reports. Mosca is especially well-known for Mosca’s Theorem, a statement about when companies should start migrating to quantum-safe cryptography.

During this Lunch Lecture, Mosca will elaborate the consequences that quantum computers will have on security, and why it’s urgent to act soon. 

Attendance is free, but a sign-up ticket is required. 


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Afternoon: Meet the Quantum Startups


The main part of this eventful day: Meet the quantum startups shaping the future! Some of the most inventive startups will take the stage, presenting the cutting-edge technology they work on. We also reserve plenty of time for drinks and networking!


13:30 – 14:00 Walk-in, open TiqTaqToe tournament. 

14:00 – 15:00 Presentation sessions

  • Mini-introduction to ‘quantum’
  • Chris Cade, co-founder of Fermioniq
  • Michele Mosca, co-founder and CEO of EvolutionQ
  • Ingrid Romijn, co-founder and Director BD of Q*Bird

15:00 – 15:30

15:30 – 16:45 Presentation session

16:45 – late: 
 Networking drinks

  • Drinks, barbecue & banter
  • “Food for thought” by IXA
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Sign-ups for "Meet the quantum startups" are sold out

Intermezzo: Quantum TiqTaqToe tournament

13:15 – 13:50 – Shark Tank (upstairs)

Arrive early and join us for a spectacular Quantum TiqTaqToe tournament. The setup is similar to a football world cup: starting in a poule of 4, you will play against three different opponents, fighting for a place in the elimination round. Finalists of the elimination round get the opportunity to play the grand finale during the Meet the Quantum Startups main event on a large screen, competing for some fabulous prizes.

Practice your skills here. No sign up required – simply come in between 13:15-13:30 at our upstairs TiqTaqToe arena. 

quantum tiqtaqtoe

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Startup Village Amsterdam

Science Park 608
1098 XH Amsterdam

We recommend to come by bike or public transport.

There is plenty of car parking space available (although somewhat expensive!): follow the signs to P7.