Join the Workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing

The workshop ‘General Awareness Quantum Computing’ is the perfect introduction to Quantum from a practical perspective. What opportunities do we foresee, and what are the risks to cybersecurity? And how long will it take before quantum computers will become available?

  • Introduction to the principles of quantum computing
  • 3.5-hour workshop: no prior knowledge needed
  • Clear focus on business relevance: no difficult physics, but special attention to opportunities and threats
  • Non-profit by scientists: we tell an honest story


After completing the workshop, you will have a good understanding of the potential of quantum computing, and will be well-equiped to make strategic decisions with regards to this disruptive technology.

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The workshop consists of four parts:

  • Introduction to Quantum. What is a qubit? Can we build intuition about quantum phenomena such as entanglement and superposition? 
  • Algorithms. Why can a quantum computer be faster than our conventional computers? What new machinery does quantum technology offer?
  • Applications. In what areas will quantum computing have an impact? What opportunities and threats do we foresee? 
  • The ecosystem, and building a road map. What organisations are active in this field? What concrete steps can your organisation take? 

For who?

The workshop is intended to be accessible to a broad audience, but is especially relevant for people who work close to IT, high-performance computing, machine learning, big data and cybersecurity. This also includes:

  • Managers and decision-makers
  • Policy makers
  • Journalists
  • Students
  • Data scientists, IT staff and security specialists
No prior knowledge about quantum is needed. We expect a high school (Dutch: havo) level understanding of math and physics. 
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Practical information

We offer the workshop in two different ways:

  1. As in-house workshop. We discuss a specific time and location with you.
  2. We sometimes host Open Session, where anyone can sign up (max. 20 participants). These are scheduled irregularly: see our calendar for upcoming events.

Open sessions take place at Startup Village (Science Park 608, 1098 XH Amsterdam). For in-house sessions, you can choose between your own facilities, or using our rooms at Startup Village.

After registration, we will confirm your booking and contact you about payment information (typically by invoice).

After the workshop, there will be some time to socialise with the teachers and other participants while enjoying a snacks and a drink.



Marten Teitsma is special professor in Applied Quantum Computing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences which was established jointly with Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica. Marten holds a PhD on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. The focus of his research is on Quantum Software Engineering and responsible use of quantum technology. He has a special interest in enhancing the relation between research and education.

Koen Groenland

Koen Groenland is Quantum Innovation Officer at QuSoft, the research centre for quantum software. He’s responsible for making QuSoft’s research on quantum software and algorithm accessible to businesses and society. Additionally, Koen is community manager at Quantum.Amsterdam, where he organizes events, meetups and networking opportunities. Koen holds a PhD on the applications for near-term quantum devices.

In-house workshop

  • Invite 15-25 participants from your organization
  • Choose your own preferred date
  • We tailor the content to your organization's perspective
  • Includes certification for everyone who passes the exam
  • Please book roughly 1.5 month in advance
    (earlier is always okay)