Quantum Quest Record-Breaking Participation sets new milestone in 2023

With an unprecedented 289 students hailing from over 100 different schools, the program’s five-week journey into the captivating realm of Quantum Computing promises to be an unforgettable experience. The Quantum Quest, is an educational initiative led by our colleague Koen Groenland as a member of the coordination team.

This immersive course is tailored for high school students aged 16-20 with a passion for computer science and mathematics. Notably, no prior knowledge of quantum physics is required, making it accessible and engaging for a wide range of aspiring learners.

Over the course of five dynamic weeks, starting October 30, participants will delve deep into challenging math problems, gaining a unique insight into the science of quantum computing. By the end of this program, they will emerge with a solid grasp of quantum bits and algorithms.

The program’s agenda is as follows:

Week 1: “Maestro of Probability” (understanding probabilistic bits)
Week 2: “Conqueror of the Qubit” (exploring quantum bits)
Week 3: “Wizard of Entanglement” (diving into two quantum bits)
Week 4: “Quantum Composer” (unraveling the mysteries of quantum circuits)
Week 5: “Algorithm Virtuoso” (mastering the art of quantum algorithms)

The Quantum Quest team has meticulously designed a range of learning methods to cater to diverse learning styles, including:

  • Self-study: Utilizing comprehensive lecture notes, enriched with quizzes and exercises, alongside the Quirky online simulator.
  • Weekly Homework: Fostering collaboration among participants, enabling them to submit solutions as a team, and receive valuable evaluations.
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions: Facilitating interactive meetings where participants can ask questions and engage in insightful discussions.
  • Discord: Providing an additional platform for interaction and exchange throughout the week.

Quantum Quest’s success is made possible by the generous support of its sponsors: Quantum Delta NL, Quantum Software Consortium, and the Cluster of Excellence Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries.

The Quantum.Amsterdam team wholeheartedly congratulates the Quantum Quest team for their outstanding efforts in orchestrating this record-breaking program. This achievement underscores the growing interest and enthusiasm for Quantum Computing among young minds.

For more information about Quantum Quest, please visit https://www.quantum-quest.org/.

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