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Welcome to Quantum.Amsterdam

The new quantum innovation hub

Quantum.Amsterdam, founded by research center for quantum software and applications QuSoft, is the gateway to the quantum world for companies to explore and develop quantum software and new applications. We prepare companies for the quantum age by providing in-depth knowledge about this fascinating technology and by helping to identify and validate high-impact use cases. From there, building on the strong research infrastructure of Amsterdam and its partners, we can set up joint research and development projects to create new quantum applications for your company.

Quantum.Amsterdam offers


Joint research with knowledge partners


One-stop shop: training, research facilities and tooling


Support in creating high-potential start-ups


Hotspot for talent

• Access to applied quantum knowledge
The hub possesses excellent knowledge on quantum software and applications. Its knowledge partners are internationally renowned experts who collaborate with colleagues all over the world, including at the EU Quantum Technologies Flagship. The hub has joined forces with committed leading tech players to create a vibrant gateway for researching and developing quantum software and applications.
• One-stop shop
Quantum.Amsterdam offers a customized, one-stop shop by providing your business with educational and training workshops and networking events. The one-stop shop also includes access to relevant quantum computing platforms and guided support with skilled developers, and the use of versatile facilities in a truly scientific and inspiring setting.
• Support start-ups
Quantum.Amsterdam provides an excellent innovation infrastructure that supports the development of software applications. We provide reliable and accurate information that enables your (new) company to gain exposure and connect with an exciting tech community and interesting projects.
• Hotspot for talent
Through Quantum.Amsterdam, your business will be inspired by a host of talented and innovative researchers and engineers. To encourage collaboration and match talent with companies, the hub regularly organizes industry networking events.

Collaboration projects



Since October 2019, QuSoft and ABN AMRO have been working together on the DisQover project. Future quantum computers may be highly suitable tools for processing and monitoring financial transaction data. In this collaboration, both parties are exploring the potential of quantum computers in finance.



Bosch and QuSoft have joined forces to examine how quantum computing could benefit this multinational. Lines of research include quantum computing’s potential applications in design processes and artificial intelligence, as well as the technology’s capacity to speed up optimization processes.

Quantum.Amsterdam Knowledge Partners

Quantum.Amsterdam Knowledge Partners

Q.A community events

What can Q.A do for your business?

Quantum.Amsterdam turns early ideas into concrete projects with clear deliverables and with the right partners. We encourage you to engage in a dialogue with us to establish a partnership and start building an innovative roadmap for quantum software and applications. This is the starting point for preparing your company for future quantum technologies.

In which value propositions are you interested in?