Introduction to Quantum Computing grants unique insights to decision makers

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On 28 and 29 November, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Business School (ABS), we will host a unique masterclass to acquaint decision makers with the world of quantum technology. The program “Introduction to Quantum Computing” is aimed specifically at professionals who need to look ahead to disruptive changes in IT, such as managers, senior IT staff and consultants, but also appeals to journalists, entrepreneurs and scientists.

Unlike many other programs, the focus is not on the in-depth mathematics and physics, but rather focuses on the impact that businesses, governments and organisations will see: what are the opportunities and threats, and how should one integrate a quantum computing in existing IT? What does the ecosystem look like, which parties are active in the Netherlands and worldwide? And how should one address the additional risks to cybersecurity?

We are proud of a line-up that consists of the Netherland’s strongest authorities in the field, who together cover the whole breadth of Quantum Computing.

Interested? Sign up or request more information through the Amsterdam Business School.

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