Quantum Delta NL Launch Event

You are invited to the online Quantum Delta NL launch event on Thursday January 28, 2021 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM. An afternoon bursting with inspiration: you will get an overview of the entire Dutch quantum landscape and insights into the extensive QDNL programme, our (future) plans and the challenges we’re facing. During the breakout sessions, we encourage you to exchange ideas and spark new collaborations between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, policy makers and business professionals.


3:00: Plenary start
3:20: Breakout sessions round 1
3:50: Break
4:00: Breakout sessions round 2
4:30: Plenary closing
4:40: Opportunity to network
5:00: End

Register here and find out more about the programme and the details about the breakout sessions. Participation is free of charge.

Looking forward to meeting you on January 28th!

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