2024 Physica Prize awarded to Amsterdam Researcher Florian Schreck 

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The 2024 Physica Prize was awarded to UvA-IoP and QuSoft researcher Florian Schreck. Schreck receives the prize for his work on Bose Einstein condensates and their applications, such as building a coherent and continuous atom laser. The prize will be awarded during the annual FYSICA conference in Eindhoven on 12 April. Ultracold atoms Florian Schreck […]

Quantum Quest Record-Breaking Participation sets new milestone in 2023

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With an unprecedented 289 students hailing from over 100 different schools, the program’s five-week journey into the captivating realm of Quantum Computing promises to be an unforgettable experience. The Quantum Quest, is an educational initiative led by our colleague Koen Groenland as a member of the coordination team. This immersive course is tailored for high […]

Part 6: How can your business get started with quantum computing?

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The professional’s guide to Quantum Technology Table of contents Preface: Why this guide? Part 1 – The background: Why are we so enthusiastic about Quantum Technology? Part 2 – The applications: How will these machines change society?  Part 3 – The developments: Searching for a killer application, with a closer look at artificial fertilizer Part […]

Quantum.Amsterdam to bring general awareness workshop to government officials

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On World Quantum Day, April 14, Quantum.Amsterdam and the RijksAcademie voor Digitalisering en Informatisering Overheid (RADIO) collaborate on the organization of the ‘General Awareness Quantum Computing’ workshop. Is it important for your work to gain basic knowledge about quantum developments? And are you a government official? Then register for this workshop. We don’t think there’s […]

Summer School Applied Quantum Computing

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The Applied Quantum Computing summer course offers several perspectives on quantum computing. Students will receive an introduction to understanding and developing applications for this far-sighted and rapidly developing topic.

Business Meetup

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On March 9 we promise to offer or community some lively discussion about the commercial opportunities of quantum computing in an informal setting, including drinks. New in this edition is a collaboration with Quantum for Business, as we join forces to bring our communities together. More information follows soon.

Quantum clocks in the real world

Modern atomic quantum clocks are the most precise and accurate scientific instruments ever created. Currently, these so-called optical atomic clocks are mostly found in physics laboratories, often filling an entire laboratory.