Part 9: Why we need error correction

circuit depth computer program

For serious quantum computing, we need to dramatically reduce the likelihood of error of each elementary step – not just a little bit, but by a factor of millions. With several recent breakthrough, this is the right time to understand the importance of error correction.

Introduction to Quantum Computing grants unique insights to decision makers

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On 28 and 29 November, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Business School (ABS), we will host a unique masterclass to acquaint decision makers with the world of quantum technology. The program “Introduction to Quantum Computing” is aimed specifically at professionals who need to look ahead to disruptive changes in IT, such as managers, senior IT […]

NOREA Quantum seminar 18 november

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Op vrijdagmiddag 18 november organiseren de NOREA-Taskforce Quantum en de Kennisgroep Innovatie i.s.m. Quantum Amsterdam een seminar programma met presentaties over (Post) Quantum Computing, -Encryptie en -Cryptografie.